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2008-04-29 05:01:49 by trunksssj7

Hello everybody, it's been a while.

Some of you (mostly flash makers) prolly recently noticed I've begun reviewing flash submissions with all my might. After watching reviews from The Escapist (zero punctuation) I got inspired and.... I am doing my best to make my comments funny while at the same time I try to give you the as accuratevely as I can most of the points placed in a movie/game.

My first motivation was actually a peson I hate the most... my parents. Well, they are old folks already, and for them PC, consoles, Gym, Sports is no longer anything that actually matters. Last time they said if I want to get money I should get interested in some stuff and earn it. Well then - let's try writing.

I am also aware some (actually most of you) are people without any sense of humor, that cannot take any criticism and most of their revievs are "lololo best" or "lolololo worst". Surprisingly (not) reviews with big scores are considered useful, while longer reviews with low scores are "useless". Let's say somethign str8 I do not want to provoke any war against anyone or anything, but making people vote for a review being useless or useful is FUCKING BOLLOX!

Please NG, plz Tom Fulp and the others - remove that option, or at least if any1 feels obligated to vote for it make him write a short argumentation, which - sadly - still is probably going to sound "Your a fucking twat"

Stay Tuned for more Reviews!


Edit 24 May 2008

Hmph ;] Recently I reviewed few submisions and - guess what - it seems that most of NG people think that "voicing your feelings and thoughts" means "saying anything I want". Well as the matter of fact - no. Or maybe I should already know by now, that people sharing different opinion than you will always hate you? Well, if that's the case - show me whatcha got. If I review a flash movie (last Rev SMBZ6) and you want to tell me that I am a twat, why can't you PM me about it ? Instead you write a review trying to act like some kind of natural genious, but it looks like cry out for help rly...

Stay tuned for more reviews!


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2008-05-01 03:56:23

I liked your Pico day flash.. It was nice..


2008-05-01 04:04:12

Well, yes. I've seen that tendency too. That's why I am often "correcting" some reviews' score by voting on them as helpful/unhelpful when I think it's needed.

trunksssj7 responds:

It's nice to hear there are some people above the standard way of thinking (which suits 10 year-old-bastards to be honest). Still there are too few of us, compared to '
standards' ofc.

Btw: These so called 'standards' have they argument - if so many people like it it must be good"

Well, the fact so many people like the same flash/movie/game when it's crapp simply means their standards are too low :)

Thx for the comment, cheers


2008-07-22 18:03:53

I saw this randomly, I forgot where, but I thought hey, this guy takes time to review stuff so I might as well leave a comment. sadly I am one of the people that writes things like, "OMG IT R TEH BEST" (proper spelling and words though) but after seeing your page I'm going to try and submit meaningful reviews. If I watch something I think is cool, or if I submit something that is noticed by a number of people, I'll keep you in mind. remember, your opinion is your own and no one has the right to call it trash. people are idiots sometimes, so you have to ignore them.

trunksssj7 responds:

Thanks tails, makes me feel good, that some people understand more 'advanced' writing style. Tell you what - last time a guy said "your english makes no sesne". Well, here is a tip to all of you, try reading my reviews with right attitudes. Try checking all the irony and advanced tense consturcions. It might be hard but believe me - it will come in handy one of this days.

Thanks again, take care.