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2007-10-25 00:40:07 by trunksssj7

Ever wonder 'bout ppl so-called 'flash critics'? I mean, when there is a shitty flash they are like 'omg, you can't make flash movies, that sucked ass, go train!'. Then again when there is a good flash movie there is a group of people who are like 'that was good, however you should spend less time on making flash, your no-life, emo, go play with your dick' and such. The most simple way for those guys - go buy a life for your self! I am not a flash artists, tho I know few personally (DuDuL - since lill kidz) and I can say - they have much more "life" than you do!

I can already feel sbs goin to reply "omfgofmogmfogmfo suxoorozorzorozor gtfoo maaaan" but then again - it only means that I'm right...

Till the next time




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2007-11-07 10:39:20

Jebiesz sperma :D

trunksssj7 responds:

robie to : D


2009-06-27 19:52:34



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