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2008-01-10 11:15:02 by trunksssj7

Supp, it's me again.

You probly notice that I often write about what's recently going on NG and - most of the times - my posts are prtt serious.

This time is no different than b4, todays subject is, or - more preferably - are "My Negrounds" animations.

Well, ofc I know, that 2 or 3 people, or even 5 want to get frontpage quickly, and when they get that occassion (Super Mario Z series...) they use it.

My Newgrounds is not different, even after watching the first one you could sense it, couldn't you? You couldnt'?!!? Well.. let me put that streight to you, what they do is A-S-S L-I-C-K-I-N-G. I hope in near future (2-3 weeks) things come back to normal, coss the more "My Negrounds" there are the worst..

I mean seriously - if you are about to make another "My Newgrouds" answer yourself one question

"Am I an ass licker?"



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2008-01-10 14:22:57

I disagree with you my good man. Refer to your friends page to see why.

trunksssj7 responds:

As much as I aprci8 your comment on my friends profile there is quite a simple respond for your attack -as you can see I have no flash movies and - like I said in my previous posts - I am not planning to make any in nearby future. Jelous is the last thing i felt when watchin "My Newgrounds" animation.

Altho you prolly had a good reason to belive that next time I sugest you to read CAREFULLY my profile.


2008-01-10 15:41:01

Ok well first off I wouldn't call my post an attack but simply a rebuttal. Calling someone an ass licker constitutes an instigation in my opinion. Also, cmon, I hope you know I'm not actually taking this seriously. You're entitled to your thoughts and I'm joking here 50/50. I do believe that Allen Awesome made his flash because he loves NG so much and I don't believe you're actually jealous. Maybe we could reconnect sometime. What do ya say?

trunksssj7 responds:

Ofc Alan Summ had a nice idea, tho copying it and getting front page using basically the same movie with different voice is just bullshit.

No offence dude, but I was taking that very seriously, that's why when I got your comment I responded like that.

There is no prob for us to talk more if you wish - my MSN

Not rly originall I know, tho it's and old acc


2008-01-11 04:46:20

ok, here we go!

The latest two bandwagons that have arrived on the Newgrounds community are:

'Awesome' cartoons (hyphenated as they are anything but awesome really)
My Newgrounds Flashes( a fresh new concept parodying the advertisements made by Intel)

now for your argument:

you claim that people that make My Newgrounds Flashes do so, for:
A guaranteed front page (or at least a quick one), high scores and lets not forget, to lick the asses of the mods.

When in face what a My Newgrounds flash does, is allow animators to get creative, animating characters around live action it may seem easy but there's quite a lot of skill involved to pull it off correctly, but... you wouldn't care for that would you? since what... you don't make flash yourself... there fore you're not really in a position to say what's good and what's not.

"My Newgrounds is not different, even after watching the first one you could sense it, couldn't you?" What... like all the Madness tributes or sprite fights between you watch and love?
yeah hero goes in...
kicks/shoots the shit out of all the other sprites/madness guys
Wow... originality in its purest form there you certainly made a point with that one detective dipsht!

Similarly I can also say who are you to judge on what people make or don't make since you actually don't make flash yourself, therefore your entire argument falls apart, your word doesn't equate to shit in the grand scheme of things really, I'll end on the same note as you I think...

People who badmouth flash cartoons yet don't make them there selves
Well.. let me put that straight to you, what they are; are A-R-S-E H-O-L-E-S.

I mean seriously - if you are about to make another "My Newgrouds news post" answer yourself one question

"Am I an arse hole?"

In fact forget that preachy bullshit, you're entitled to an opinion but you should at least contribute something to the site other than hate if you want to post on the front page.

Happy new year


(Updated ) trunksssj7 responds:

Dear Jonathan,

You've made quite a mess in this stuff, so let me streinghten this up a lill bit.

First of all - as for the effords stuff - I know many flash artist (DuDuL is actually a friend of mine from primary school) and - to tell the truth - the art of making flash movies and games is prtt well known. And - actually yes, I still think making "My Newgrounds" video is about 2-3 hours of work, and - last but not least - YES! I think sprite fights are much BETTER and HARDER to make han MG flash movie.

Secondly half of your post is based on argumentation "If you are not doing something you cannot criticise", which is bullshit. A simple respond is, that only God could criticise us(whether or not he exists), coss only he does all the things and the best.

However - look at your self - even god makes miastake sometimes, right?



2008-02-19 21:17:50

You should DuDul New's post well you! :) Congrats on owning TomFulp see DuDul post! :D
Regards: Martin

trunksssj7 responds:

I know - actually I asked him to post it : D Take care