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2008-04-29 05:01:49 by trunksssj7

Hello everybody, it's been a while.

Some of you (mostly flash makers) prolly recently noticed I've begun reviewing flash submissions with all my might. After watching reviews from The Escapist (zero punctuation) I got inspired and.... I am doing my best to make my comments funny while at the same time I try to give you the as accuratevely as I can most of the points placed in a movie/game.

My first motivation was actually a peson I hate the most... my parents. Well, they are old folks already, and for them PC, consoles, Gym, Sports is no longer anything that actually matters. Last time they said if I want to get money I should get interested in some stuff and earn it. Well then - let's try writing.

I am also aware some (actually most of you) are people without any sense of humor, that cannot take any criticism and most of their revievs are "lololo best" or "lolololo worst". Surprisingly (not) reviews with big scores are considered useful, while longer reviews with low scores are "useless". Let's say somethign str8 I do not want to provoke any war against anyone or anything, but making people vote for a review being useless or useful is FUCKING BOLLOX!

Please NG, plz Tom Fulp and the others - remove that option, or at least if any1 feels obligated to vote for it make him write a short argumentation, which - sadly - still is probably going to sound "Your a fucking twat"

Stay Tuned for more Reviews!


Edit 24 May 2008

Hmph ;] Recently I reviewed few submisions and - guess what - it seems that most of NG people think that "voicing your feelings and thoughts" means "saying anything I want". Well as the matter of fact - no. Or maybe I should already know by now, that people sharing different opinion than you will always hate you? Well, if that's the case - show me whatcha got. If I review a flash movie (last Rev SMBZ6) and you want to tell me that I am a twat, why can't you PM me about it ? Instead you write a review trying to act like some kind of natural genious, but it looks like cry out for help rly...

Stay tuned for more reviews!

My Newgrounds

2008-01-10 11:15:02 by trunksssj7

Supp, it's me again.

You probly notice that I often write about what's recently going on NG and - most of the times - my posts are prtt serious.

This time is no different than b4, todays subject is, or - more preferably - are "My Negrounds" animations.

Well, ofc I know, that 2 or 3 people, or even 5 want to get frontpage quickly, and when they get that occassion (Super Mario Z series...) they use it.

My Newgrounds is not different, even after watching the first one you could sense it, couldn't you? You couldnt'?!!? Well.. let me put that streight to you, what they do is A-S-S L-I-C-K-I-N-G. I hope in near future (2-3 weeks) things come back to normal, coss the more "My Negrounds" there are the worst..

I mean seriously - if you are about to make another "My Newgrouds" answer yourself one question

"Am I an ass licker?"



2007-10-25 00:40:07 by trunksssj7

Ever wonder 'bout ppl so-called 'flash critics'? I mean, when there is a shitty flash they are like 'omg, you can't make flash movies, that sucked ass, go train!'. Then again when there is a good flash movie there is a group of people who are like 'that was good, however you should spend less time on making flash, your no-life, emo, go play with your dick' and such. The most simple way for those guys - go buy a life for your self! I am not a flash artists, tho I know few personally (DuDuL - since lill kidz) and I can say - they have much more "life" than you do!

I can already feel sbs goin to reply "omfgofmogmfogmfo suxoorozorzorozor gtfoo maaaan" but then again - it only means that I'm right...

Till the next time